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Vertical Drop Coilers

Vertical Drop Coilers we offer is able to cover the coiling of carbon steel and stainless steel wires, surface and heat treatment and various others.

In order to meet the stringent requirements of the wire industry we manufacture a wide range of Vertical Drop Coilers. Most sturdy and sophisticated range of Vertical Drop Coilers is offered from our end. Moreover, our range is available in precise thickness.
Other Details
  • Coiling of low and high carbon steel and stainless steel wires, bare or coated, following heat treatment, surface treatment, galvanizing or coating lines. The wire coiled is collected on formers (Stems/Spiders/Baskets), into drums, or collected in catch-weight coils.
  • Vertical Drop Coilers are used in Wire Industry with most advanced technical quality with competitive prices.
  • We offer the most sophisticated and sturdy Coilers offering reliability and efficiency in operation for customers worldwide.
  • Rotating Flat Drum Type Or Double Flanged Type With Single Or Double Pressure Rollers or V-Groove Type Drum Blocks.
  • Hardened And Ground Block Drums for Low Wear and Tear
  • Individually Driven Blocks or Group Driven Blocks,
  • Speed Variable Through Frequency Control A.C. Drivers
  • Variable Speed Through Frequency Inverter Not Only For Individual Speed Setting But Also For Their Behavior In Start-Up and For General Safety Reasons During Threading Operations.
  • Wires Are Guided By Set Of Creel Pulleys; Individual Pulleys, Killing Rollers And Pressure Rollers Are Fitted On Each Block
  • Depending On The Material Being Coiled
  • Pattern Laying Option Will Individually or Group Driven Turntables
  • Pneumatic Activated Wire Holding Forks For Easy Removal Of Filled Coil Through Independent Trolleys At Each Coiler
  • Benefits In The Form Of Uninterrupted, Non-stop Production, Larger Coil Weight Proper Cast And Helix, Smooth Pay Off For subsequent operation
  • Optional Length Measurement System With Preset Counter, Buzzer & Indication Light
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Flawless performance

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